first post

My first post /slash/ rambling…

This is my first official post on Blogger! I hope you aren’t expecting much… these are just my personal ramblings about electronic cigarettes and the vaping industry. I like to think of myself as an expert, but there’s always something new to learn in the world of e-cigs… so PLEASE SHARE & INTERACT!

Hopefully we can all learn something together, but if not, if you’re even the least bit entertained by my posts then my goal has been accomplished. I plan on sharing some of my personal experiences, as well as my opinions about what’s happening with electronic cigarettes and the vaping industry.

Exciting new products, tasty e-juice flavors, tips and tricks… these are just some of the things I like to talk about with my friends.. and I’m sure I’ll talk about them here. And with all the negative attention being paid to electronic cigarettes by the media and lawmakers, I’ll definitely chime in about the ridiculous claims being made by critics!

Thanks for visiting… hope you visit and interact often  😉

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