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A Big Wet Kiss! Apollo’s Wet Kiss E-Liquid Review…

Before I get started… let me clear the air. Normally I’m not the type of guy who writes e-juice reviews or critiques individual flavors. First of all, people’s flavor preferences are so different that it seems kind of pointless. I’ve tried plenty of e-liquid that people rave about – only to find out that it sucks. I’ve had friends pawn stuff off that they can’t stand – and I love it. It’s so subjective!

Plus, it’s extremely difficult to put your experiences into words. How do you write about the dozens (or hundreds!) of different flavors you’ve tried without sounding repetitive? “Love this one,” “that one is OK,” “not a huge fan,” etc. etc. etc. The only time I bother sharing my experiences with e-juice is when I get blown away by a product. In this particular case, I’ve fallen in love with Apollo’s limited edition Wet Kiss E-Liquid.

One of My New Favorites!

Although this is the first e-liquid review that I’ve written for this blog, I definitely have some favorites that I love to recommend: Mt. Baker Vapor Cinnamon Roll, Gambit by Five Pawns, Suicide Bunny’s Mothers Milk – just to name a few. I love anything with cinnamon and extra sweet fruity flavors always get my vote. Not too long ago one of my favorites was Apollo E-Cigs’ watermelon flavor, so when their limited edition “Wet Kiss” e-liquid was released around Valentine’s Day, I had to give it a shot.

Apollo describes it as:

… a lush mix of watermelon and kiwi… perfect for sharing a kiss with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day.

Considered a “limited edition” e-juice, I didn’t hear about Apollo’s new flavor until a few weeks after it was released. I already loved Apollo’s watermelon e-liquid, so a watermelon variety with kiwi thrown into the mix definitely sounded interesting. After missing the news, I snatched it up quick as soon as I heard… and boy I’m glad I did. It has the smooth melon flavor that I love, with an extra kiwi kick that takes it to a whole new level.

A Basic E-Juice Overview

As soon as it arrived, I could sense the fruity sweet aroma leaking right through the packaging. Since I’ve never had to steep Apollo’s e-juice before, I pulled it right out of the bubble wrap, filled my EVOD clearomizer and attached it to an eGo Twist set at 4.2V.

From the very first vape, I was BLOWN AWAY by Apollo’s Wet Kiss e-liquid… it’s so delicious! It’s one of the sweetest and most refreshing fruit flavors that I’ve tried, but it’s not so overwhelming that it weighs down your pallet and needs to be rotated with another flavor. It’s light and airy… and I can consistently vape it for days. I get the sugary pleasure I’m looking for in a light and refreshing format. Watermelon is the most pronounced part of the mix, but the kiwi adds an extra little kick that really compliments it well.

Apollo uses a 60/40 PG/VG mix with all of their e-liquid, which I personally consider to be the perfect PG/VG blend. It’s definitely impressive in the vapor department, but it also combines a nice little throat kick (at 6mg nicotine) with excellent fruit flavor.

Get it while it lasts!

If you’re into sweet, fruity e-juice flavors you should definitely give Apollo’s Wet Kiss a shot. It’s quickly turned into one of my favorite daily vapes, and I sure hope it sticks around. Unfortunately, Apollo only sells their limited edition e-juice in 10ml bottles ($6.95), so take advantage while they last! I just stocked up on six more bottles, but hopefully I can make it to a third round of purchases (and beyond).

UPDATE: Apollo has permanently added this flavor to their line-up!

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