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Invisible E-Cigarette Vapor??? I Think I’ll Pass…

One of the reasons electronic cigarettes are so effective at helping smokers quit is their accurate portrayal of the REAL THING. They mimic the act of taking a drag from a real cigarette, provide the same burning sensation in your throat and reward you with a satisfying cloud of vapor that looks and feels like tobacco smoke. As satisfying as this may be, it also draws negative (and unwanted) attention from the non-smoking crowd, alerting people to what many believe, is questionable or unsafe behavior. So what if you could remove the vapor and go into “stealth mode?” Several companies are doing just that, but does the vaping community really want (or need) invisible vapor?
Just bear in mind that the performance is going to be considerably less than the best e-cigarettes, but that’s not really their purpose.

New “Vaporless” Products

Earlier this year, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes announced their “Invisi-Vapor Cartridges,” a product that’s touted to produce 95% less vapor than their standard ClearDraw cartridges. According to White Cloud, they provide the same burning sensation as their normal vapor-producing ClearDraw cartridges, but “when used correctly”, will result in greatly reduced vapor – or no vapor at all.

“White Cloud’s Invisi-Vapor cartridges offer advanced ultra-low vapor formula allows you to use your e cigarette in places where being discreet is important, all while delivering the same amount of nicotine and flavor as our standard ClearDraw cartridges. Invisi-vaping is perfect for times when others may be put off by vapor, or where vapor is not allowed.” – White Cloud

White Cloud “Invisi-Vapor” Video:

Another recent vaporless product announcement came from UK-based company JAC Vapour. This is the first company to announce a line of invisible vapor e-liquid, known as Clear Steam. The company boasts that users will experience the flavor and throat hit offered by other e-liquids without the visible white cloud.

JAC Vapour “Clear Steam” Video:

Pros Vs. Cons of Invisible Vapor

Will invisible vapor be a new trend in the vaping industry? That’s yet to be seen. White Cloud and JAC Vapour are undoubtedly betting on the fact that vaping will continue to be viewed like smoking. Worries about second-hand vapor, whether they’re warranted or not, are drawing unwanted attention and vapers are feeling the pressure. Citywide vaping bans and public scrutiny by the media and lawmakers have many of us thinking twice about where we vape. Will invisible vapor solve this issue? Maybe… maybe not…

Personally, I can’t see myself using a vaporless product – now or in the future. Most of the fun (and satisfaction!) I get from vaping comes from exhaling huge, puffy white clouds of vapor. Even if it still provides the same flavor and throat hit, psychologically, I can’t see it being nearly as satisfying. Although I haven’t tried either of these products (yet), my initial thought is, “they’re just not for me.” I have no problem with being discreet, and so far, I haven’t had any major issues with vaping in public. If someone complains or tells me it isn’t allowed, I’ll happily step outside to visit the “designated area.”

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