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Simple Ways to Increase E-Cig Vapor Production

Who couldn’t use a little more vapor? Vapers often talk about flavor and “throat hit,” but to me VAPOR IS KING! Flavor can easily be tweaked by switching (or mixing) e-juice, and throat hit isn’t a big deal for me, I’d actually prefer less. Vapor production, on the other hand, can be affected by various factors and has a big impact on my overall satisfaction level. Obviously, the product does make a difference and it is always encouraged to get the best e-cigarette you can, read our guide, it may help. But too little and I feel like something is missing, too much and… can you ever have too much vapor??? In most circumstances, NO! Give me some more vapor!

Tips To Improve E-Cigarette Vapor

An obvious way to create more vapor is to purchase a powerful (and expensive) mod, but not everyone feels comfortable puffing on a device that resembles a flashlight. No matter what type of device you use, here are some suggestions that will ensure your e-cig is working at full capacity and producing voluminous clouds of vapor:

  1. Fully Charge Your Battery
    It may seem like common sense, but keeping your battery topped-off is a simple way to ensure you’re producing the most vapor. E-cig batteries only reach their rated voltage when they’re fully charged, so even if you’re a light vaper and can go for days without recharging your battery, the performance of your device will slowly diminish until you fully top it off with a fresh recharge.
  2. Start With A Few Priming Puffs
    “Priming puffs” may not be necessary with every type of device, especially when it’s fully charged, but taking a few quick puffs into your mouth before inhaling will help to warm up the heating coil and maximize vapor production. If the coil is cool before taking a drag, your initial inhale will include more air and it will limit the amount of vapor you’re able to draw in from the device.
  3. Cover The Air Ports
    A lot of people recommend the “Scotch Tape Method” for creating more vapor, often used with smaller, cigarette-like devices. The idea is to cover the air holes around the base of the cartridge (or tank) that allow airflow to enter the atomizer. In concept, reducing the amount of air that mixes with the vapor should increase it’s volume, but I’ve found that by drawing more slowly, you can get just as much vapor. If you’d like to take a faster, tighter draw (more like a real cigarette), then this method may be worth considering, otherwise it’s not very effective.
  4. User Higher VG E-Liquid
    If you’re still at the stage where you’re unaware of what’s inside your e-juice, it’s time to pay attention. E-liquid consists of two base ingredients, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). While PG is known for producing excellent flavor and throat hit, PG definitely produces thicker, more satisfying clouds of vapor. You could go straight for 100% PG, but many vapers prefer a combination to produce the best overall results. I prefer 50/50 PG/VG, but you’ll need to experiment. Any increase in PG will help to create more vapor.
  5. Upgrade Your Device
    You don’t necessarily need an expensive MOD to improve your e-cig’s vapor production. If you’re still using a mini, “cigalike” product, you’re at the absolute bottom-end of the spectrum in terms of performance. An upgrade to something slightly larger, such as a mid-size pen or Ego-style device will certainly improve your experience. Not only do they include larger, more powerful batteries, but they’ll include refillable tanks so you can choose your own high VG e-liquid.
  6. Lower Your Resistance
    Lower-resistance components allow more current to pass through, resulting in greater power output. By switching to a lower resistance cartomizer or clearomizer, you’ll be able to produce more vapor from your existing hardware. But be aware, lower resistance accessories put more strain on the battery, and not only will it die quicker, but it can damage batteries smaller than 600mAh.
  7. Increase Your Voltage
    Another way to increase the power output of your device (and produce more vapor) is to raise the voltage. This could be accomplished with a larger, more advanced device, or if you already have a variable voltage setup, just dial your voltage up to increase vapor production. Like resistance, too much voltage can be damaging to some components, so be sure to understand general electrical concepts before you start playing with these different variables.

Not everyone is going for BIG VAPOR, but if you’re looking for thicker, more satisfying clouds, then applying some of these techniques will undoubtedly improve the performance of your device. Keep in mind, filling a room with electronic cigarette exhaust is not always recommended – or appropriate. Use commonsense and treat the people around you with respect, especially when you’re in public. Even though the vapor may be completely harmless, you’re an ambassador to our community and ¬†clouding up other people’s personal space is not only rude – it’s disrespectful.

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