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Seduce Juice Review – Delicious, Well-Crafted E-Liquid

I’ve experimented with a lot of e-juice over the past few years, and even though I have hundreds of taste tests under my belt it seems like the experimentation process never ends. I’ve tried a variety of local blends, as well as some of the most popular and widely-known e-juice companies from around the country, but one company that’s slipped my radar up until now is Seduce Juice. They have a dedicated following and I’ve heard rave reviews about their products around the Web, but it wasn’t until recently that I gave them a shot. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it takes a lot to inspire me to write an e-juice review (BORING!!!), but Seduce Juice definitely deserves some praise.

As a blogger and website owner, I’m regularly approached by e-juice companies to write reviews. I love testing new products, but writing e-juice reviews is my least favorite thing to do and I pass on these opportunities quite often. To be honest, I’d rather taste-test at my own leisure and write when I feel inspired. Well I’ve been inspired!
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Seduce Juice Flavor Selection

I recently purchased a sampler from Seduce Juice because I’ve been curious about their flavors for a while now. I regularly hear them mentioned on ECF, Reddit and other vaping forums, so it was time to give them a try. Snake Venom was an obvious choice, and I also picked Snake Bite, Snake Eyes, Jezebel and Caesar.

The first thing I should note is that I’ve never received this many samples from a vendor and loved every single one of them. Even when I pick out the most appealing flavors, there’s always a few that let me down or end up getting tossed (or given) away. Not with Seduce Juice! Each sample I ordered was smooth, delicious and super tasty! At 6mg nicotine (50/50 PG/VG) the “throat hit” was mild, just like I prefer, and the vapor was impressive in my dual coil EVOD or Protank II / Vamo V5.

Here is a quick overview of each flavor I ordered:

  • Caesar (4/5) – Caesar is described as a delightful blend of honeydew, limes, and succulent strawberries. Refreshing and fruity, it’s tough to decipher one fruit flavor over another, but it starts off with a strawberry / melon inhale and finishes with a light and tangy lime exhale. Sweet, smooth and well-balanced, I preferred this one the least, but it was still extremely delicious.
  • Jezebel (5/5) – Similar to Caesar, Jezebel is a bit more melony and sweet and definitely tops my list. Their description is kind of vague, calling it an “eclectic blend of fruit flavors”, but it certainly seems strong in the melon department, a mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and other fruits. Outstanding!!!
  • Snake Bite (4/5) – Of all the “Snake” blends, Snake Bite was probably my least favorite, only because I’m not a huge fan of apple varieties. With that being said, it wasn’t overly appley and meshed well with the creamy, coconut base. I’d vape this any day… I just like the other Snake varieties better.
  • Snake Eyes (5/5) – My favorite “Snake” blend from Seduce Juice. The banana, cream and coconut mesh perfectly in this e-juice! With just a bit of cinnamon thrown into the mix, it’s more of a complex dessert flavor than the other varieties, making it smooth, creamy and extra delicious!
  • Snake Venom (4.5/5) – Sweet, refreshing peach mixed with Seduce Juice’s signature cream base and coconut… another tasty treat! Snake Venom is a well-balanced blend with just the right amount of creamy, tangy and sweet.

I tend to be a little impatient, so I tried each one of these flavors immediately upon arrival – with no steeping. Surprisingly, they all seemed especially tasty right away. After the initial taste test I gave it another 2 weeks, just to see if anything changed, and I’m not sure it made much of a difference. I’d certainly recommend a little bit of steeping, but in this case, the e-juice seemed ready-to-go right out of the mailbox.

My Overall Opinion

I’ve never picked up five different (untested) flavors before and enjoyed them this much! Seduce Juice’s “Snake” line provided a silky, smooth and delicious vape with every variety I tried, and the subtle variances between fruits made each one interesting and unique. I’m a big fan of banana and dessert flavors, so Snake Eyes was probably my favorite, and Jezebel was an outstanding melon / fruit variety that’s mouth watering good! To be honest, I could vape on any of these flavors all day long without any complaints. Normally I find a few  flavors that I don’t like when I do some testing, but all of these flavors were super delicious! Seduce Juice has some of the best fruit flavors I’ve ever tried and I’d certainly recommend that you give them a shot.

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