About Me

Picture of meMy name is Jeremy Salter… and welcome to my blog! I’ve been vaping for several years now and have become extremely passionate about e-cigs and the vaping community. What began as a simple experiment to quit smoking has turned into a full-blown hobby and lifestyle. Besides starting this blog to share my personal views, I’m also the founder of Cig Buyer.com, one of the Web’s leading resources for e-cigarette ratings and deals.

At jsaltervapes, our objective is to provide in-depth and unbiased information about e-cigs, incorporating the viewpoints of myself and a variety of others, but it leaves very little room for me to expand upon my own personal opinions and stories. That’s why I created this blog, so I could have free reign to say or talk about anything! My own personal vaping diary…

My Vaping History

Like most vapers, my first experience with electronic cigarettes came in the form of a cheap disposable e-cigarette from a local gas station. After the initial excitement waned, I quickly realized that they weren’t going to replace my Marlboro’s and I continued on with my pack-a-day smoking habit. A few months later I bought my first rechargeable setup from Green Smoke and it was a much better, more satisfying experience. For the first time in my short vaping career, I thought that maybe there was something to this “e-cig thing” and I could put aside the tobacco and kick the habit for good.

We’ve all heard about the dangers of smoking, and after 20+ years of filling my lungs with toxic chemicals I was ready for a change. Within just a few weeks of my first major e-cig purchase, I quit smoking completely and have been smoke-free ever since. Since then I’ve moved through several different “cigalike” products, upgraded to a mid-size eGo device and ventured off into more complicated, VV setups and mods.

I won’t claim to be the most advanced or experienced vaping guru, but I’ve experimented with a wide variety of products and have been through all the ups-and-downs of the vaping experience. I closely follow the electronic cigarette industry and have lots to say about it! Hopefully you’ll find my posts witty, informative and interesting… and hopefully you keep coming back for more. Please share, interact… AND VAPE ON!

Thanks for visiting…

Jeremy Salter

AKA: J. Salter Vapes